BBC DP me to pay my boyfriends debt - HD

This is a custom clip and I can make one for you too! Just email me at or send me a PM) My boyfriend still has not been able to pay his debt so I meet up with the guys he owes hoping to just give them blowjobs to buy him more time. I start sucking them but they want more this time and I know I have to do it! I climb up on one of the BBC and let him fuck me, then he grabs and spreads my ass wide open and tells his friend to stick his big black dick in my white ass. It hurts so bad and tell them to stop, but they just keep telling me I need to pay the debt. Their cocks are so big and fill me up so much that I start to really enjoy it and I tell them I love their big black cocks. We switch to one BBC fucking my ass while the other fucks my face and I tell them that I want to do this even if their is no more debt to pay. I now want to be a whore for their big black cocks. We finish with a big cumshot on my stomach and I scoop up the cum and eat it while I suck the last few drops out of his dick as I love the taste of my ass juices.

Uploaded: 2024.02.11
Released: 2017.04.28