Chasing Men Episode 3

Sexy Elena Vega is fooling around with Nick Ross on the couch as episode three of Andrej Lupin’s steamy series “Chasing Men” begins, blissfully unaware that she’s the subject of a fuck contest between Nick and his buddy. As they kiss and cuddle playfully, Elena straddles Nick’s lap and pulls off her top so he can nuzzle her beautiful breasts. He flips her onto her back and pulls off her jeans and lace panties, licking her sticky lips and probing her hot hole, thrusting his fingers in to make her moan and writhe with pleasure. She leads Nick over to the bed and unzips his jeans, long-licking his stiffening cock and sliding it between her lips. She sucks it deep, getting it dripping wet, then sits astride him and feeds it inside her shaved pussy. She rocks her hips to slide up and down his greasy pole, then squats to bounce more vigorously on it, slowing the momentum to draw out their mutual pleasure. She dismounts to suck her juices from Nick’s dick, looking up at him flirtatiously before taking as much of his long shaft as she can manage into her mouth, then grinding her clit over it. Elena’s nipples are diamond-hard as Nick eats her pussy again, before he thrusts back inside her in missionary. As he pounds her relentlessly she goes wild, tits jiggling with each stroke as she’s tipped over the edge into an intense orgasm. But Nick doesn’t let up and bangs her even harder, then pulls out so she can jerk him off with both hands, milking out his hot load over her quivering body. Nick may have won bragging rights as he takes the lead 2:1, but there’s no doubt Elena enjoyed putting him there.

Uploaded: 2023.11.20
Released: 2018.01.21